My Life as Senior Girl

2012 2013 Senior GirlMy name is Odunayo Oyelese Omotoyosi and I am the present Senior Girl of Roseful International High School for the set 2012/2013. I started my tenure on the 17th of September. It has not been an easy taste, but I give God all the Glory for giving me hard working and serious counterparts.

Being the Senior Girl, I have been faced with a lot of challenges and expectations from the School Management, staff, students and even parents.

Since the mantle fell on me, I understand the adage that says “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. This is because of the challenges I have faced in the course of my tenure. The post has taught me a lot of leadership qualities.

I have to live an exemplary life worthy of emulation by my juniors. For instance, I cannot take part in noise making, rather, I have to make efforts to curtail noise making in every class which is a natural tendency for students when teachers are not around.

I have had to instill discipline among the students. They must check themselves and behave as they ought to at all times. This makes them good ambassadors of the school. The issue of coming late to school is something that school frowns at, hence, myself and the senior boy with the assistance from other prefects have made measures to punish students thereby reducing the number of late comers.

As a prefect, sometimes we have rude and stubborn students, this post has trained me on how to deal with such students and on how to get them to do what I want. I have learnt to juggle work, studies and play together in order to achieve academic success.

Not only has the post influenced my life in school but also outside school. Outside the school, students, teachers and parents expect moral excellence, hence the post has helped me to live by morals so as to be a living example to all my female juniors.

By ensuring my grades at school work are good, I have been able to influence my juniors, colleagues and students generally.

In conclusion, I would like to say a very big thank you to our proprietors for providing us conducive environment which will help us in learning and for providing us tools to achieve our educational aspirations and for giving us an avenue to develop leadership qualities right from youth.

“A little thing is a little thing but faithfulness in a little thing is a great thing”