My School, My Dream

academicsWhat could profit a man most in life than to be a complete self made person? What is your dream about? To be a future leader if I can guess right? How can I be one of the best in the world?

I want to tell you that the reality of this dream, starts by taking a right step in the right direction. How do I accomplish what seems to be a great task? Simply take a trip to Roseful Schools, Osogbo.

It is a place where you are assured of three things: untainted academic excellence, moral upbringing and above all the fear of God. What more can one hope to achieve as a child who has a tall dream or Parents/ Guardians who have tall dreams for their children or wards?

In recent time, our ever improving results have shown that God really directs the affairs of the school while our competent teachers are ever ready to give out useful instruction to help our students who are always ready to know better.

Apart from having a serene environment conducive for learning there are co -curricular activities that tune the body towards academic efficiency.

So what are you waiting for? Join me at Roseful Schools to actualize your dream!