Our Vision, Philosophy and Motto

Our Vision Statement:
Our vision is to make Roseful the most outstanding famous educational institution of International standard through the team effort of excellent, innovative, competent, dynamic, professionally qualified and highly motivated workforce using the best available teaching aids impacting knowledge to students to attain all-round sound education.

Our Philosophy, Purposes and Objectives:
The Philosophy of the School is that students be properly educated, imbibe real discipline so as to be useful to their homes, communities, states, country and the international community. Thus emphasis is on serious academics (i.e education with moral and religious undertone), service (selfless/dedicated/committed service) and the will to excel.

Academic excellence, self–reliance, and moral uprightness constitute the pillar of Roseful International School programmes. While God is the centre of all our activities, the principles, teachings, and values of the Christian faith form the bedrock.

There is indeed a better tomorrow for students at Roseful Heights. The School Motto and School Anthem further explain the concept of the school philosophy.

The Mottos of the Schools are "Education, Service, and Excellence" and "Education, Wisdom and Service" for the High and Nursery/Primary Schools respectively.

Our School Dictum remains "OUR CONCERN IS TO BE THE BEST"