Roseful, Citadel of Learning

2012 2013 Senior BoyOladeji Victor
Senior Prefect 2012/2013

Roseful is a big name in the educational system in Nigeria. This is because of the qualities, essentials, facilities, roles and standard the school has to offer. When it comes to academic excellence, moral uprightness, unprecedented discipline, Roseful is the school for you.

The conducive and student-friendly environment just makes learning encouraging and interesting. The school is run by the Board of Governors, the Proprietors and the school Management who lay down policies on the standard and general development of the school.

The academic staff of the school is ideal in quality and quantity. It is made up of highly professionalized, qualified, responsible, resourceful, sensitive, careful, diligent, hardworking teachers who are ready to work and impact knowledge in the students.

The school teaches basic science subjects including, Mathematics, Further mathematics, Technical Drawing, Geography as well as Arts or Social science subjects including Economics, French, food and Nutrition, Fine Arts, Accounts, Commerce, CRS, Computer, Literature-in English which help to develop students.

Because of the school dictum ‘our concern is to be the best,’ the school provides many essential and ample facilities that facilitate learning and academic excellence. There is an equipped science laboratory and also a computer laboratory with internet facilities, a French Room with a Library and French club, to encourage the learning of French Language.

There is Home Economics Laboratory, Museum, Fine Arts containing artifacts, paintings and drawings, a typing pool, Music Room equipped with musical instruments. The school offers free training for these instruments. There is a school library as well as the school farm and poultry house.

In sports, the school has a football field, basketball court, tennis/badminton court etc. So many sports like hockey, chess, drafts, ayo, squabble and other games are available. The school holds biennial inter-house sports competition. There is a sports period on Thursdays for students and the staff.

The school has several clubs; Press and Dramatic club, Arts club, Cultural club, JET clubs, French clubs, Maths club, Home makers club, Young farmers club and the Choreography club.

There is an avenue for students to also express their opinions and views, the Students' Representative Council(SRC) was introduced to the school in September, 2009. It is made up of the school prefects and class captains. The SRC is supervised by the two Vice – Principals and the AVP. The SRC is headed by the school senior Prefect.

Also, there is the Roseful Corps, a disciplinary body that trains students on good character, safety skills and to prepare them for the future.

The school has a progressive and functioning P.T.A which has partnered with the school in its growth and development. Also the school holds JAMB and GCE lessons for students which are voluntary and prepares students for these examinations and the results have all along been encouraging because God has been helping the school. 

The annual WASSCE and SSCE results have always been beautiful and there is an Academic Honours Roll on which names of exceptional students in  these examinations are recorded.

Our students have won various awards in external competitions and have even won National Awards. For example, Roseful came first in the CPC competition in 2012.

If you want quality, standard and great education for your children, Roseful Schools is your choice!