Student Representative Council

srcThe SRC was introduced and began operation in September, 2009. The motive of the council is to bring the ideas, opinions and views of students to the School Management. This Council is made up of the School Prefects as well as Class Captains of each class.

The Council is supervised by the Vice Principals and Assistant Vice Principals and is headed by the Senior Prefect. Student Oyelade Kehinde was the first speaker/leader of the SRC during his tenure.

The council has constantly brought innovations to the school as a result of the ideas and conclusions. The class captains go to their various classes, ask their classmates issues that is bothering them and their views about an issue and then bring these views to the council for delebration.

Also, if the Management wants to take a decision concerning the students, the SRC is involved.

Since the inception of the SRC, students can now voice their opinions and are happy that their opinions are considered in the decision making of the school. This makes the school governing system particularly democratic.

The following are the executives of the SRC for the 2012/2013 Academic Session

(a) Speaker/Chairman: Oladeji Victor

(b) Deputy Speaker: Oyelese Odunayo

(c) Chief Whip: Adeleke Tunde

(d) PRO: Irelewuyi Moyin

(e) Secretary: Ajibade Seun

(f) Treasurer: Fakunle Ebunoluwa

2016/2017 SRC

SRC group picture


Speaker and Deputy speaker




(a) Speaker/Chairman: Adedire Ademola

(b) Deputy Speaker: Adewale Tawio Mary

(c) Chief Whip: Akinrunjomn Kelvin

(d) PRO: Adeyemo Bisola

(e) Secretary: Obalade Testimony

(f) Treasurer:  Gbadebo Faith

 SRC Progress Report

First, I would like to thank the school mangement for allowing this concil to operate in the school. It has really gone a long way in projecting the interest of the students at large. The council comprises the school prefects and class captains of all classes in the school, in other words, all students are adequately represented. The consistent of the supervision of the management has also help to guild the affairs of the council. I would like to points out the programmes excuted by the SRC thus far in the 2016/2017 session.

1. Students' week/ attire day 

2. Discussion with reprenstatives on issues affecting their respective classes

3. Maintaining discpline and orderliness in the school and curbing of immoral acts

and many more